The transport company that has never stood still

Van Duijn Transport has been on the road since 1946. A lot has changed since these early days. One thing that has not changed is the importance of transport, especially in our sector of fresh, chilled and frozen products. Transport must be fast and efficient and must always be reliable. This is the combination of principles we have been known for since our start. And that we still live by each day.

As a family business, we may not be good at fine talk

We are a working company. A company of people who feel good when they can help clients solving complex or critical problems. A company with equipment that is always in top condition. With facilities for storage and transhipment at three central locations we can be a logistic extension to your own organisation. For fruit and vegetables from outside the European Union, we are a Border Inspection Point. This means we can take care of all your responsibilities concerning freight from A to B.

Our markets are a number of European countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, England, Norway, Finland and France. Within this region we transport any products that need to be refrigerated or frozen until their final destination. On a 24/7 basis, including nights, Sundays and public holidays.

Van Duijn's added value

Real transport is not about the latest Euro-6 engine trucks or large cold stores or smart planning systems. Real transport is about people. People who know what is at stake when fresh, chilled or frozen products must be delivered. People who know that agreed deals must be kept. And people who are flexible to solve problems. These are the people of Van Duijn Transport. People operating trucks (160, up-to-date and sustainable), facilities for storage, transhipment and cooling (in De Lier, Hansweert and Bleiswijk) and the back-office team at their large computer screens. These are the people operating the efficient, reliable and customer-oriented freight service that any company might wish for as an extension of their organisation. What's stopping you?

Why Van Duijn

Transport with modern and sustainable equipment

Reliable transport starts with reliable equipment. Our 160 trucks come from the three major brands in the industry. A strict replacement programme keeps our fleet up to date. Also in terms of sustainability. Investing in trucks with Euro-6 engines is standard. And to further protect the environment, we are one of the frontrunners in fuelling GTL, gas to liquid: a CO2-neutral fuel. The purchase of a truck running on LNG also fits in with our green intentions.

We maintain our truck and trailer units ourselves. The head office in De Lier has a full-service garage with MOT and CFC approval. For regular service, and for any large and small damage repairs. Equipment is damage free and spotlessly clean (thanks to our own car wash). 160 units means that we have 160 business cards on the road.