More provisions for temporary storage of your products

We are more than hauliers. At three locations we also offer the convenience of our coldstores. This means that there is no rush to transport products from one destination to another. If you do not have storage space, you can use our coldstores in De Lier, Bleiswijk and Hansweert as an efficient option. Our three locations provide good facilities for crossdocking as well.


In several cold stores, there is always the optimum temperature regime for your order. Do you need any interim handling such as sealing, labelling or palletising? Do not forget that we can take care of that, too. By engaging our regular partner, we ensure that your consignment is ready on the right day in the right quantities and in the right quality. Mobile rack systems enable fast order picking.

Van Duijn Transport have customs permits for local clearance procedures. This allows us to load and unload containers 24/7, without customs intervention. Certainty is guaranteed: coldstores are BRC-certified and function as a bonded warehouse and KCB inspection location.



  • capacity 13,000 pallets
  • specialized in deep-frozen products
  • -25 °C


De Lier

  • capacity 2,500 pallets
  • certified banana weighing system
  • specialised in vegetables, fruit, flowers, plants and fresh meat
  • -1 to +14 °C