We all know that from 01/01/2021 the United Kingdom (UK) will no longer be part of the European Union (EU). In concrete terms, this means that from this date we will have to deal with customs formalities and product inspections on both sides of the border.

In order to make this whole process run smoothly and to relieve you as our customer, Van Duijn Transport B.V. have chosen to work intensively with two renowned customs agents:

Transport of flowers and plants

For our flower and plant transports we work together with:

CSI-Fresh B.V.
Oslo 7
2993 LD Barendrecht

Johan Hagoort and Ronald Hoekstra

Email address

Meat and frozen transport

For meat and frozen transports we work together with:

Thermotraffic Holland BV
Abel Tasmanstraat 1
3165 AM Rotterdam

Ricardo Gunneman: Veterinary & Customs and Frenk Beker: Sales

Email address

Van Duijn Transport

If you have a question regarding brexit and our transport please send an email to the email address below:

Bente van Duijn

Email address